Decentralized Token Offering and DAOs 2.0

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How is the process

Projects that want to make a token public offering send only 1% of the money they want to raise into the DAO treasury.

Soulbound Token ownership required to participate in the Token sales

Transactions take place from smart contract to smart contract.

We merged Elinor Ostrom into DAO

She won the Nobel Prize in Economics for her research on the use of the commons.

How governance works

Soulbound Token holders choose on-chain working groups within the DAO.

Soulbound Token holders manage the Treasury, which consists of 1% income to be paid by the projects for the token sale.

The DAO may update itself to a later version in the future.

How to make investments.

Soulbound Token holders can choose the projects they want using filters.

DAO selects some projects and ensures that they are verified, these projects are supported by venture capital-market maker and exchange collaborations.

Using a whitelist, projects can set rules for investors.

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